My stories are not dissimilar to the Twilight Zone. They take place in worlds very much like our own, but subtly different, in ways that illuminate the characteristics of our shared humanity.

I'm currently searching for an agent for my second novel, Escape from Prosperity, but I hope that it will be available in 2014. I continue to work on stories and another novel set in the Escape timeline.

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The first chapter of my first book, Conscience of the Machine is available for free in the next tab. A physical copy of the book can be purchased on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Conscience is also available as a Kindle book in two forms: the full book or split into part I and part II. Part I isn't really intended for purchase, I will periodically be making it free for those of you who want a longer sample of the book before committing money to it. The dates will be announced here.

Thank you for reading! This concludes the free portion of Conscience of the Machine

Conscience of The Machine is available in its entirity on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It is also available as a Kindle book.

My second novel, Escape from Prosperity is complete and I'm currently looking for a publisher. The back cover follows:

Oliver Neander is the ultimate product, only he doesn't know it yet. He's a product so desirable that the corporate barons have kept his development off the books, trying to keep him for themselves. But the rebels have agents everywhere. Sensing an opportunity, they've tried to twist him into a weapon that could be turned against the corporations.

It's the year 2059, and Oliver has awoken with total amnesia to find that some time ago the global economy had been upended by soaring energy prices. In the ensuing chaos, American corporations assumed control of the American government, shepherding their most prized workers into fortified enclaves of prosperity called the Uberburbs, and abandoning the rest to the vast wastelands of desperation called the Outlands. When the government uncovers the rebels' plans and sends agents to apprehend Oliver, the scientists who have restored his consciousness scramble to save their work by making a pact with the only entity in the world powerful enough to protect Oliver from the American government: China. As he struggles to uncover his past and forge an identity for himself, he's surprised by the way the suffering he witnesses in both the Uberburbs and the Outlands calls into question the traditional notion of prosperity, by how the sudden scarcity of the life-blood of modernity—-energy-—seems to demand the rules of morality be rewritten, and by how the perversion of a country founded on the virtues of equality and liberty serves as a clarion call for rebellion.

Desperate to evade the Americans, certain that he can't trust the Chinese, Oliver must expose the conspiracies that are the root of his amnesia before he can understand that his only path to freedom involves restoring the Outlands to prosperity.

I'm currently working on the sequel/conclusion to Escape from Prosperity. Because the narrative of Escape is so focused on Oliver, and I've got all these other great characters who you only see through his eyes, I'm also working on a few stories situated in the Escape world that follow his companions. The stories below have been completed and are currently on submission to literary magazines. I will update my webpage when they become available.

  • The neo-Mormon Charles seeks to make the first exaltation a reality in "Another Light Winks Out?"
  • In the aftermath of the first story Charles considers whether or not our soul can be moved from our body in "How the Spirit Moves"
  • Huiyi isn't a typical member of the Phantom Leap, she has a very strong rebellious streak. She's heavily influenced by the fate of her brother, detailed in "Heroes are Made, not Born"
  • At the close of the first story Huiyi isn't capable of being bent to the orders of the Phantom Leap. First she must be broken in "Of Blood and Tears"
  • As far as Oliver can trust anyone, Matt is his closest confidant. The path that took Matt from being a neuroscience PhD candidate at Harvard to a member of the rebel group SoAR is the subject of "The Disillusioning of Matt"